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Why do we humans have this burning desire to date?

As human beings we've what can be looked at a lot of the strangest mating rituals in the pet kingdom. Most species attach with customers of the opposite intercourse to procreate and little or nothing else. There is absolutely no emotional relationship that ties them along for the others of their lives apart from the need to go on the species. Now that isn't to say that animals are such as this, there are numerous species out there that mate for life, however the overall percentage of these types are small.

Sure, it is possible to say that many family pets contain mating rituals that rival ours. You can find man birds that flaunt their bright colored plumage attempting to attract a feminine, but is that basically dating or just a kind of seduction? And in the end isn't that what heading on dates is all about, seducing that somebody we've had our vision on.

Dating is a form of seduction, only for us humans it can sometimes take a much longer time for the desired results to be had. In the animal world there is a specific time of the year when seduction and mating can take place, and with the exception of humans, dolphins and some primates, creatures mate to continue their species and not for the pure enjoyment of it. For most animals it is the push to survive as a species.

We humans have taken the whole internet dating /seduction ritual to unforseen heights. Just think of all the points we do to try and impress that special someone. And why do we want to impress them? Because we believe we like them and if we don't do our best to seduce them using all sorts of dating tricks and techniques then someone else will and that's just not acceptable.

So why do we date?

To impress someone we are interested in? I would state yes on that one. I can't think of any other cause to spend that kind of time and money other then to do just that.

To continue the human species? This is a far more subjective question. Do we really need more humans on the world? That's debatable. I think for the majority of humans it's for a little more selfish reasons and that's to have somone arrive after us who carries the family name onward into the future.

Just for the enjoyment of it? Now here's entire another way to look at it. Meeting new individuals is fun. Particularly if you are attracted to them. Dating is fun and it introduces us to whole new ways of considering and approaching people.

The why carry out we date question is a hard one to answer, but whatever your factors may be it's a part of what makes us human.

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