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Your Biggest Compliment

Compliments are something both men and women wish and enjoy getting. From "Gee, you smell great!" to "Thanks - just for becoming you," compliments make us feel good about ourselves ... especially when they come from those we care about the most.

It is kind of strange to think that the biggest and finest comment you could possibly give someone is also most often overlooked. In fact, some would believe it an insult at first blush, though it is so much more than that.

What is the greatest compliment you could give or receive? Simple

It is “I don't need you.”

Now hold on a second. Don't go off thinking I've totally lost it. I understand you may be considering I'm nuts, but provide me two minutes to explain and I promise you'll change your mind.

Yes, I know someone somewhere said "All people want to sense needed," but that isn't exactly true. The truth is, all people want to feel wanted.

See, a "need" is something a person *must have* to be able to live, to survive. And while I get that many of us occasionally feel we wouldn't be able to create it through the days and weeks without that special someone by our part, the truth is - we could.

Now think of this: are you with your current partner because you sense you couldn't survive without them because they take care of points you can't or won't do or provide points you don't feel you may get on your own?

Or are you with your partner because although you know you could and would survive without them, you want them in your life simply because you love them?

In the first example, it is possible your partner might soon begin to think you only wanted them around for what they could bring or give - such as a paycheck.

I couldn't tell you how many men I've heard say their wives just stayed with them for the money.

Or sex. Once again, I've heard many, many women complain that their companion only held them around for sex.

Which would you rather have in your life? Someone who desired you for what you could give/provide? Or someone who desires you for *you* - no strings, no problems?

That's why I say the biggest, almost all grand compliment you could give or be given is to love for love's sake and nothing else.

“I don't need you - but I love you.”

What do you think?

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