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Why Women Test Males They Are Dating!

Dear friend, No doubt dating on the internet or off, you have been and are been tested by women. Why? Well that’s a long winded solution, and I gave up physco analyzing women a long time ago. Actually ladies will admit they can’t understand themselves! So what opportunity do us humble males have?

Zip! None! Zilch!

So best to just ACCEPT that they do and will test us. Be aware of it when it occurs and deal with it in a way that gains us the authority and knowing in the relationship. Are a few examples of how women check us below.

Why the testing?

  1. They check us to observe how strong we have been emotionally.
  2. They check us to observe how smart we are.
  3. They test us since they crave drama within their lives.
  4. Some test since they enjoy building us uncomfortable.
  5. They test us since they can.: -]

The next examples are tests from the sort of women you may not want to get associated with. So be familiar with, and stay away from these kind of women.

Let’s consider the tests

  1. The classic 'outrageously flirting with another gentleman before you' test.
  2. The classic 'yelling in you for looking into another girl to check out everything you do’ test.
  3. The horrible and dreaded 'canceling a romantic date at the final moment for no factor ' test.
  4. The worst among all, 'getting you truly fired up while making outside and saying no to check out in the event that you really respect me' check. [I really don’t such as this one. ]

There are many, a lot more tests but that is enough for the intended purpose of this short article. Now let’s glance at ways to React to these nasty minor tests instead of REACTING.

  1. The classic 'outrageously flirting with another gentleman before you' test.

    a. This one really was tough to have with a female I was deeply in love with for years. I thought she'd grow from it. But she didn’t. What I learnt to accomplish however was to dismiss her when it just happened and enjoy my night time by chatting to different women or good friends of hers. The great thing you can accomplish is to NOT create a reference to it or big cope of it. When possible hit up a chat with either her beautiful friends or other girls at the venue you're in. This will nice her off and when it doesn’t, maybe you have an unsuitable partner who'll flirt every best suited time you venture out. It is possible to only change yourself as well as your emotions hence it’s unlikely she will change this routine. If she flirts, disregard it and enjoy your night. If she is always a flirt, you need to move on from her, she is trouble.

  2. The aged 'yelling at you for checking out another girl’s arse to notice what you do’ test.

    a. To start with, try to avoid checking out other ladies in her presence. This gives you integrity and a style above others. If she does drop it without reason for doing so, she is most likely insecure and looking for drama. Don’t yell back again at her and calmly inform her to settle down. Smiling, inform her you will spank her when you get home if she doesn’t behave. This should defuse it, by getting a laugh and she may just want you to spank her!: -]#@@#@!!

  3. The horrible and dreaded 'canceling a date at the last moment for no cause ' test.

    a. This is actually disappointing isn’t it? You are about to walk out the door and she sends a sms


    The most effective way to avoid this is to mention that one of the worst points women can do is to not show up and cancel dates. If you state this when you arrange for a meeting, it does help

    prevent it from occurring. We are all busy and need to plan ahead to be effective. However be careful not to create her off as she may have a legit reason for it happening. If it takes place twice in a row, she’s gone…don’t put up with it!

  4. The worst one of all

    , 'getting you really turned on while making out there but then saying no to find if you really respect me' test.

The toughest one of all. Best to back off a little and be calm about it. Don’t sulk or drive it. Just relax and have a bit of fun somehow. Should you be cool about it and she can see that you aren’t stressed, she’ll most likely relax and you have passed the test . Then just lightly start making out once again.

Chances are you have got proven that you regard her by remaining calm and playful.

There you have it. You will be tested, that’s life, How we respond to it is the key…

All the best, Mick Jones

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